September 23, 2016

Simple DIY Mudroom Organizer Bins

Having three boys makes being organized a must, especially when it means getting out the door on time for school!  So I decided to try and make things a little easier by giving each of us our own bin labelled with an initial to keep items like hats, ball caps, mitts, scarves etc. separate from one another.

             This is a very simple project with very little cost attached and takes no time at all!

First thing to do is to find some baskets or bins that suit your closet shelving or built ins.  Make sure they have handles so you can easily attach your letter tags.  I purchased mine from Costco, they were priced very reasonably.  

For the letter tags, I went into Micheal's when they had a 75% off sale and ended up paying only cents for each letter tag!
I choose a letter tag for each of our children's names and then purchased a "d" for daddy and "m" for mommy as both my husband and I have the same first initial as our second son.


            To attach the letter tags I used jute and knotted each one through the handle of the basket.

 Then all you have to do is sort everyone's items into their own personalized bin and no more digging through piles trying to figure out what item belongs to what kid! Have fun!!!

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