April 25, 2015

DIY Gender Reveal Cupcakes!

 We are expecting our third baby in August!  We thought this time around that since we were finding out the gender of our baby right before Easter it would be fun to do a gender reveal with family.

Below you will find a really fun, easy and economical way to have a DIY gender reveal!

First go to your local grocery store and purchase a cupcake mix, any brand and/or flavour will do.  Next follow the instructions on the box on how to bake your cupcakes.

After taking your cupcakes our of the oven have them cool on a bakers rack.  After the cupcakes are cool simply use a knife and cut out the centre of each individual cupcake.  Set the centres aside.
I purchased cupcakes that already had the icing mix and icing bag already included in the kit.  Prepare the icing as stated on the box and then add either blue or pink food colouring.  Place inside the icing bag and squeeze into each cupcakes centre, don't be shy with the amount.
After adding the gender reveal icing into each cupcake place the cut outs back into the centres, push down far enough so the centre inserts are flush with the cupcake tops.
Then once you have all the inserts back in place you are ready to ice the tops as desired.  You can be very creative with designing the tops, I went with a simple design as it was Easter weekend and we were very busy. 
After icing the tops, I just added some basic candy corn to the top.  One pink and one blue!
You can have a lot of fun with these and they are way more affordable than paying a bakery to make you special cupcakes, our local bakery was charging a minimum of $2.50 each for a cupcake!  I made 24 cupcakes for about $6, that's a huge savings!
Have fun and enjoy!!!