January 17, 2014

Coffee Coziness!

January 16, 2014

DIY: Spring Project, Painting Outdoor Urns

 This is a project I had been meaning to get around to for quite some time.  I really enjoy the  look of outdoor urns,  they compliment the curb appeal of any style of home.  We have had these urns for a number of years and they were really starting to show their age.  I also wasn't keen that they were black.  Black was a great with our old red brick home but since moving, our new house consists of earth tones and on a wooded lot so I was thinking of going more along the lines of a monochromatic colour scheme.

  Items you will need:

Paint Brush
Paint Tray
Drop Cloth

The colour that I chose is almost a blend between a real earthy green and a warm deep chocolate.  I purchased a gallon of exterior paint from a local hardware store and decided to go with a "satin enamel" finish.  I wanted a bit of a sheen but wasn't looking for high gloss.

I started by first off washing down all four urns.  Make sure you wash them really well as you don't want any leftover debris getting caught up in your fresh paint.  After washing thoroughly set in direct sun to dry.  Once all the urns are completely dry you are ready to start!

You want to start by first laying down your drop cloth.  Make sure you have all your supplies near by.  Pour your paint into your paint tray and start painting.  You want to make sure you get in all the small crevices, this can be quite tedious so patience is key.  Also make sure you paint inside the mouth of the urn as well, this way you can guarantee you are covering the old finish.

 After applying one solid coat on all four urns let them dry overnight, I suggest throwing a sheet over top to keep the moisture off of them.  Then repeat the steps on day two by applying a second coat.  Again let them dry thoroughly.  Once dry you are ready to place them where you desire and start planting!

 This was a Fall project that I have finally gotten around to posting.  I am excited about designing my own flower arrangements this Spring and Summer...photos will follow!

January 15, 2014

Cable Head Band/ Ear Warmer

I have been addicted to making hats and ear warmers this season.  One of my favoutites is this head band/ear warmer that I designed.  I love the use of cables and think that adding the detail of dimension  is sometimes needed when designing a simple project.  I also decided to attach one of my hand made tree branch buttons, I think it completes the earthiness of the look.  Love it! 

January 9, 2014

Upcycled Owl Plushie

I love making owls.  I have made lots in the past and can't seem to stop, there is something magical about them!  I'm a bird lover all around.  I always make sure their feeders are full on our property and love nursing my little one while watching the birds fly about steps outside the window, almost within arms reach.

This is a great project to make on a chilly Winter afternoon, the heavy texture from the sweater I hand cut and the layering of the fabric scraps for his little wings makes this guy perfect to snuggle up to on a cold Winters night.

I have a pile of old  sweaters from a closet purge I did a few months ago, now it's just a matter of finding the time to put them to use.  I chose a soft knit sweater to use for the bulk of his body.  His eyes and beak are made from felt that had been recycled from plastic water bottles.  And the wooden button has been hand made from a fallen tree branch.  He's the perfect eco-friendly companion.

What are some recycled, up-cycled, eco-friendly projects you have made?