July 12, 2013

How To: Hand Print and Foot Print Molds

 For Father's day this year I wanted to do our children's hand print and foot print molds for a unique hand made gift.  These molds are great to give for any occasion and are really easy and fun to make especially with little ones.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to making these molds, you can add a variety of colours to the dough before you bake the molds with natural or synthetic dyes or just simply paint the molds after you bake them.  For an added touch you can clear coat the molds once you finish them to give them a more complete look.

When making our molds we decided to keep it simple and went with a basic single colour of paint.  I added two coats once the molds had completely dried.  The paint I used was already glossy so I didn't feel as though I needed to add a clear coat to finish it off.  On the back we wrote "Happy Father's Day" our children's names, the date and how old our children were when they made the molds.  You could add your text to either the front or back, I just thought it was a cleaner look to keep the front of the molds text free.  You can also paint little flowers, bugs etc...to the front for a little added fun! 

The ingredients are really simple and you probably already have them in your home!


2 Cups All Purpose Flour
1 Cup Salt
1 Cup Luke Warm Water


 In a large bowl mix together salt and flour.  Slowly add the luke warm water and keep stirring until your dough forms a uniform consistency.  (you can add your dyes at this point if desired)

Don't forget to get the kids involved!  Take the dough out and kneed it for about 5-7 minutes or until you see that it has formed a nice doughy mound.

Then separate it into balls depending on how big you want your molds to be.  Make them into any shape you desire, circles, squares etc...

Once you have your desired shape press your children's hands and or feet into the molds.  You may have to try this once or twice before you  achieve the "perfect" mold.

Once you have your molds place them on a cookie sheet and bake at about 200 F for several hours.  But remember to always watch the oven!!!  Depending on how thick your molds are depends on your baking time.  My molds were quite thick so took about three hours to bake.  Be aware that if you try to turn the temperature up to speed your baking time you could burn your molds!  So be careful!!! 

You can also poke a hole at the top of your creation before you bake it so you can add a string and make your molds into hanging ornaments, they make a great Christmas gift for loved ones.

                                                         Have fun and enjoy!!!

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