June 5, 2013

Summer Festivals!

There is something about Summer...the warm breeze that blows through the laundry on the line, the way the sun dances on my kitchen counters in midday, the way that raspberries taste like childhood memories at my grandmothers house...had a glimpse of one of those memories yesterday when I tasted raspberries for the first time this year, staring at my ninety two year old grandmother sitting across from me bound to her wheelchair...in that moment I wanted nothing more than to be eight years old again spending a weekend at my grandmother's house where time stood still, cookies were baked fresh daily and bedtime stories flowed endlessly...it's those moments you think this will last forever but somehow in an instant twenty plus years have passed...how??? Seriously how???

After becoming a parent for the first and now the second time I have made a promise to myself to make the most of everyday, no matter what type of day it is (we all have "those" days...) to live in the present, not to rush moments past cause as we all learn as we get older that we may not have much "time" left.  So that is why this Summer with new life in my arms and older life in my heart I really want to make a point of "living" each day, not that I didn't "live" each day before but with the dull days of Winter it does limit a person especially with little ones to get out of the house and make the most of the outdoors and the community that surrounds us.

We will be hitting our first festival the first week of July, full of music and art...oh how both of these glorious interests fill my soul!  That will be the first of a handful of festivals this Summer, along with trips to the beach, walks to the park, digging in our garden, making memories with loved ones old and new, sipping that first morning coffee as birds chirp from the treetops and children wipe their sleepy eyes ...so many joys of the season to come.  With the sun shinning on my face and music, art and nature filling my soul I'm hoping to be filling this space a little more often with some words from within. Life happens, live it, love it and enjoy it!

Until next time.