January 28, 2013

Free Pattern: How to Make Re-Usable Baby Wipes

 When I had my baby shower a few months ago a girlfriend of mine made me a basket full of lovely homemade baby items for our new son.  Inside the basket was a batch of handmade re-usable baby wipes simply made out of baby wash cloths.  I thought it would be a great and simple free pattern to share with all you momma's out there!

Reusable baby wipes are great because they can help you save money that you spend on buying expensive disposable wipes. Cloth wipes are way better on the environment and cut down on the many items we already send to the landfills.  They are also much easier if you are cloth diapering to begin with as you can just toss the wipes in with your cloth diapers, there is no need to separate!

Here is my really easy re-usable cloth wipe pattern:

Step 1:
 First you take two baby wash cloths and place them wrong sides together, RIGHT sides facing OUT.

Step 2:
You can use your sewing machine to make a zig zag stitch all around the edges to secure the two wash cloths together or you can surge the edges.

Step 3:
Simply just trim the threads and your finished!  How easy was that!!! 

You can also make your own wipes using all different sorts of different materials, fleece and flannel work great.  Using lots of fun bold prints is fun as well.  If you are wanting to cut your own material use approx. 6x6, 8x8 or 4x8 inch squares and follow the same pattern above or just use pinking shears along the edges so they don't fray.  You can recycle a lot of old used material into cloth baby wipes, just use your imagination!

 Wipe Solution:
 Along with using cloth wipes some people wish to use wipe solution.  I found a great link that has all sorts of recipes where you can make up your own homemade solution, follow the link below:


           Thanks Courtney for the wonderful baby gift and great handmade idea!!!

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