October 24, 2012

And Baby Makes Four!

We are proud to announce that our little bundle of joy will soon be making his appearance!  Only a couple more weeks and we get to meet him!!!

 With this pregnancy came a lot of ups and downs, I was considered high risk for quite some time but have since been cleared...which is wonderful news!
 Now it's just getting everything in order to prepare for that joyous day.  Just wishing my poor hands were free from swelling and pain but hoping that subsides shortly after birth.  I have a laundry list of beautiful items that I can't wait to make for our new little man. Now we are just playing the waiting game...can't wait!  In the meantime Happy Knitting!  And if you have any newborn ideas, patterns etc let me know!

October 23, 2012

For Amanda

My father wrote this as a musical tribute to Amanda Todd.  Please enjoy and feel free to share.  Lets all do our part to put a stop to bullying.