August 22, 2012

New Free Pattern: Eyelet Slouch Hat (Revised)

   Summer is coming to an end, the nights are getting cooler and fall is in the air.  It will soon be time to get out your fall clothes and outer wear, this is one of my favourite most popular patterns and it great to throw on when those cool crisp fall days arrive.  I have decided to revise the previous pattern that I had designed in the past.  I have made minor adjustments and made it a more user friendly in the process.  Hope you all like it!

One size fits most
US size 4 circular needles and dpns

Cast on 86 sts
Place marker and join to knit in the round.

knit one purl one until brim measures 2" in length.

Round 1-3 Knit all sts
Round 4 (K2tog, yo) repeat to end.

Continue repeating rounds 1 through 4 until your hat measures approx. 8" in length, ending with round 4.


Round 1:
k2tog, k9 repeat.  Last row k2tog, k7. (78sts)

Round 2:
Knit all sts.

Round 3:
k2tog, k8 repeat.  last row k2tog, k6.

Round 4:
k2tog, yo repeat till end.

Round 5:
k2tog, k7 repeat.  Last row k2tog, k5.

Round 6:
Knit all sts.

Round 7:
k2tog, knit 6 repeat.  Last row k2tog, k4.

Round 8:
k2tog, yo repeat till end.

Round 9:
k2tog, k5 repeat.  Last row k2tog, k3.

Round 10:
Knit all sts.

Round 11:
k2tog, k4 repeat.  Last row k2tog, k2.

Round 12:
k2tog, yo repeat till end.

Round 13:
k2tog, k3 repeat.  Last row k2tog, k1.

Round 14:
Knit all sts.

Round 15:
k2tog, k2 repeat till end.  Last row k2tog.

Round 16:
k2 tog, yo repeat till end.

Round 17:
k2 tog, k1 repeat.  Last row k2tog.

Round 18:
Knit all sts.

Round 19:
Knit 2 together repeat till end.

Cut yarn and pull through remaining stitches, weave in all ends.

You can add a flower clip like I did in the above photo if you would like or leave it plain, either way this is a great fashionable hat!