March 24, 2012

How To: Make and Decorate your own Easter Egg Tree

            This morning we decided to colour our own Easter eggs and make a little tree to hang them off of. 
              This colourful little tree is a lot of fun to make especially if you have little fingers wanting to help!

                 We started with 6 raw eggs, poked a hole in the bottom of them and another hole in the top.

Carefully blow into the top hole...the egg will slowly make its way through the bottom.  Please be careful not to ingest any of the raw egg.  After all the egg white and yolk is out wash the empty egg shells out with warm water, once again blowing the water out.  Make sure the eggs are empty and set them in an empty egg carton to dry out.

 Once the eggs are completely dry you can start dying them.  Decide how you would like to dye your eggs.  Using natural household ingredients is best.  For example you can use beet juice to dye your eggs pink, and green tea will dye them yellow!  There are lots of items you already have in your home or refrigerator that are fun to use!!!  Just fill some coffee mugs with enough dye, water and about a quarter teaspoon of vinegar and you are ready to get started!

After you have chosen your colours and used tongs to dye your eggs you can set them back into the egg carton to dry again.  If you find your colours aren't strong enough or wish to double dip with different colours just let the first coat dry and dye again.

After we finished dyeing our eggs I stripped the paper off some wire twist ties and added them to the inside of our eggs.  These make great little wire hooks that look clean and simple.  I also added some plastic jewels to cover the holes on either end with a hot glue gun.


For the tree we simply walked outside and found some branches that had fallen from our birch tree.  You could add different branches for more definition.  I think that pussy willows would look fantastic but we didn't have any near our home.  Below are some photos of our finished "Easter Tree" enjoy!

                                                                    Happy Easter!