September 6, 2011

New Surroundings

I am finally settling into my new surroundings and loving every minute!  I had anticipated my most recent move to be a difficult transition and was extremely wrong...I guess change can be a good thing!  It's easy to become a creature of habit, but sometimes in life it's better to let go then to hang on to the past.  I said goodbye to my childhood home, the only house that I had ever known, and the only house that my son had ever known as well.  I had fears that my sentiment would overcome me...but that was not the case, if anything the change has been liberating.  Happiness!

I have come to the realization that unpacking is not enjoyable...worse than packing! In saying that I guess everything takes time and eventually everything will find a place.  I haven't even begun to conquer my studio...getting there though...

At the present I am designing a "Where's Waldo" hat for a Hallowe'en far so good. Thinking it will probably be my next free knitting pattern.

                                                                        Happy Knitting!

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