March 10, 2011

Crafter's Wrist

I suffer from what I call crafter's wrist.  Sometimes it is worse than others, sometimes it is non existent and sometimes it is a constant dull ache in my right wrist. (Which is odd because I am left handed!) I knew I needed something to relieve my pain and since I am not too keen on taking medications to soothe my ailments I figured some sort of brace or support would be my best bet...and it was! 

A few months ago I was at Micheal's with my fifty percent off coupon in hand searching for an items that wasn't on sale so I would benefit, walking the aisles I saw the "Creative Comfort" brace and thought, "Well, why not give it a shot!"  as soon as I placed it on my hand it seemed to relieve my pain.  It is made to support and protect your wrist and keep it ergonomically correct, it is also may I add extremely comfortable and I have even slept with it on with no issues. The one that I bought is the one in the photo above, although they do have many different styles and designs I decided on this style because it had massaging ergobeads. 

If any of my fellow knitters and/or crafters suffer from wrist pain I say it's worth giving this glove a shot.  It's affordable, comfortable and hey I think it even looks cool!  If any of you have had relief from any other products please share,  it is  always nice to see what other options are out there and what work for other people.

Happy Knitting!
And oh yeah, happy soon to be Spring!!!

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