March 30, 2011

Ahhh, Country Markets!

This past weekend we took a day trip and spent the day at Convent Garden Market in London, On.
It twas wonderful!  Not very busy but lots of lovely goodies to browse at.  I love all the handmade items including artisans bread and gives me such a "at home" feeling :)

As always I had my knitting in hand and spent a few hours catching up on some orders while people watching (another favourite pass time of mine!)

I treated myself with a visit to "The Tea Haus" a huge tea shop that has hundreds of different blends to offer...oh it smelled so good! 
And of course I had to leave with a few different blends in hand and am so happy I did!


March 17, 2011

"Who Loves the Flower Girl?" Photo Contest

Hey all, Happy St.Patrick's Day!  I just want to let all of my readers and followers know that I am having a contest on my facebook page and for everyone to join in! "Hipknitized"!/pages/HipKnitIzed/133337825979
Just click the link and go to the disscussion tab for all the contest rules.  The winner who's photo receives the most likes wins a FREE pink crochet hat and interchangeable flower clip! (shipping included!)

Check it out!  Contest closes March 25th 2011 so hurry on over and upload your shots! 

March 12, 2011


This is Kate, she was my rainy day creation from yesterday.  I didn't have a pattern in hand or really any idea of how she would turn out in the end.  I think that sometimes that is the best way to create...just from pure impulse!

Kate was made from an old t-shirt that I no longer wore.  I loved the striped pattern and black and white colour and just knew that I had to create something or someone out of it!  Tim Burton's movie Beetlejuice always comes to mind when I see black and white stripes so I just couldn't help myself and had to create something somewhat creepy.

If you are interested in "Kate" you can find her in my Etsy shop along with many of my other creations.  Just click the link on the right hand sidebar that says "ETSY".
Here's hoping everyone is having a beautiful weekend!

March 10, 2011

Crafter's Wrist

I suffer from what I call crafter's wrist.  Sometimes it is worse than others, sometimes it is non existent and sometimes it is a constant dull ache in my right wrist. (Which is odd because I am left handed!) I knew I needed something to relieve my pain and since I am not too keen on taking medications to soothe my ailments I figured some sort of brace or support would be my best bet...and it was! 

A few months ago I was at Micheal's with my fifty percent off coupon in hand searching for an items that wasn't on sale so I would benefit, walking the aisles I saw the "Creative Comfort" brace and thought, "Well, why not give it a shot!"  as soon as I placed it on my hand it seemed to relieve my pain.  It is made to support and protect your wrist and keep it ergonomically correct, it is also may I add extremely comfortable and I have even slept with it on with no issues. The one that I bought is the one in the photo above, although they do have many different styles and designs I decided on this style because it had massaging ergobeads. 

If any of my fellow knitters and/or crafters suffer from wrist pain I say it's worth giving this glove a shot.  It's affordable, comfortable and hey I think it even looks cool!  If any of you have had relief from any other products please share,  it is  always nice to see what other options are out there and what work for other people.

Happy Knitting!
And oh yeah, happy soon to be Spring!!!

March 6, 2011

For the LOVE of Vinyl

I have always had a thing for records but just recently it seems I have been going out of my way searching thrift stores trying to feed my love of the past.  The photo above is from my scavenging this weekend!

I love the album covers/sleeves, the sound of crackle in behind the music, and the eeriness of the record endlessly turning when every song has been played...

I personally think that most record shoppes are over priced and stick to thrifting for my private collection which seem to be growing at a steady pace.

It's so exciting flipping through the rows of LP's not knowing which album cover will be staring you right in the face next. Love.

Anyone else share my passion or have any favourite albums they would like to talk about???