February 14, 2011

Vintage Fabrics Yay!

I went thrifting yesterday and found some wonderful finds!  I find it sad that I actually enjoy the smell of a thrift store, that and the smell of old library books...strange but true so I will admit it.  I had to make a trip to the city and had about five hours to kill so I figured where is there a better place to spend a few hours then an unfamiliar thrift store in a large somewhat familiar city!  Love. Joy. Happiness.

Myself and a friend of mine from Verona Collections http://www.veronacollections.com/ have a booth booked at a fairy large clothing show in downtown Toronto in May so I figured I better get a start on preparing in advance!  Nothing like scrambling at the last minute to make sure you have enough stock on hand...not a good feeling.  We are in an area the is labeled "Eco Friendly" which is what a large percentage of our items are.  So yesterday I figured I would stock up on some funky "new to me" fabric with a vintage seventies feel.  My visions are:  pillow case dresses, women's headbands, some unique new stuffies (Owls!) and anything else that I can dream up!  Oh the love of ones own imagination, a little escape from the reality of everyday life that is needed every once and a while...

Any interesting thrifting finds lately...would LOVE to know!  Leave a comment below and have a happy week ahead :)

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