February 20, 2011

Busy as a Bee

Oh my, I can't believe how busy I have been lately!  My days just seem to string together at a constant pace...some would say that's a good thing!  I have working in my studio on a daily basis trying to complete items for this years line up of shows.  I will post the dates as soon as everything is firmed up!

This year is directed to larger shows a lot of them based out of Toronto and a few set north of here in cottage country.  Very excited for what this year is going to bring and have already seen a great deal of attention in this month alone...crazy but wonderful!  My first "big" show of the year will be shared along with the talented Yvettle-Michelle from Verona Collections, this will be our first year working along side each other and will hopefully lead us both to some really great places!  We have decided to apply to The Toronto Clothing Show http://www.theclothingshow.com/ this will be the start of our line up.  Yvette-Michelle had the pleasure of participating last year and we both decided that this year we should do it together so fingers crossed!

A few new items I have been working on are baby bloomers/diaper covers for your little ones tush...I haven't seen a whole lot of these around so thought that they would be a great item to add to my booth.  Along with that I am really trying to push my Eco friendly line including accessories and clothing made from recycled, upcycled, vintage etc...material and am really enjoying working with these materials and the items that magically appear from them.  I have added a photo of a pair of baby bloomers and a vintage yo yo headband.  Lots more to come to keep checking back!!!  Love.

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