January 12, 2011

Progress Happens

 Oh my, did I ever underestimate how much work this "studio makeover" was going to take me!  And when I say "me" that includes my right hand being my father and my left hand being my mother...and of course a little help from my man...my three year old artist as you will see pictured below.

Above is my extremely helpful father whom is a pro at wallpapering and decided it was best for every ones sanity if he came over and hung it himself!  (There was an incident a couple of weeks back where the wallpaper had gone terribly wrong resulting in a tear down...note to self, next time remember to check lot numbers when buying multiple rolls especially when they cost $40 a roll!)  One saving grace was that I wasn't completely happy with the pattern on the first round so it worked out in the end...usually everything does.

My mom was a huge help with painting and is a perfectionist so the paint job is pretty much flawless. Love. The patch pictured above was painted by Ash (he was allowed to paint under where the wallpaper was to be placed, he was so proud!) So I guess the makeover is slowly coming to a close, the wallpaper should be finished later in the week, the baseboards to follow when time finds appropriate.  Then the fun part...decorating! And de-cluttering...I have promised myself not to bring back in as many items that were cleared out to do this makeover, it's hard being a crafter...I find I save pretty much anything I can just in case there may later be a use for it...somewhere.  So excited to have my workspace back soon! Happiness.

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