December 13, 2010

Studio Makeover: Day 1

Ugh, I finally started my studio makeover today and it wasn't fun!  I cleared out as much as I could so I could begin refinishing my hardwood floors.  As if painting and wallpaper won't be enough!!!  I have a desk from the 1920's/30's that I bought about 8 years ago, it is super huge and there was no way I was able to move it out and back into the room so along an armoire I use as storage I had to some how work on the floors and move these two pieces around,  all I have to say is "my back it killing me!"

Here is the "before" photo.

Here is the "after" of what I have gotten done for today.  The floors look horrible in this photo but I think it is because I just polyurethaned them.  I am hoping!

So...along with preparing for Christmas I have been very busy!  Here are a couple of small projects I have made in the past week:

A Coffee Cozy...

And a Record Bowl...

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