November 9, 2010

How To: Make A Pom Pom

For my "How To: Make a Pom Pom" tutorial you will need:

1. Yarn/wool of choice colour
2. Scissors
3. Tapestry needle
4. Cardboard template

Making pom poms for your knitting projects are a great way to finish off an item. They are easy and fun to make and you don't need a whole lot of yarn/wool to create them! First off you will have to decide how long you want your pom pom threads to be. For my pom pom a cut a piece of cardboard that was approx. 2" wide from the middle of the pom pom. (Length of cardboard does not matter)

Once you have your cardboard ready place approx an 8" piece of yarn down (lengthwise where you are going to start wrapping the yarn, this will be your center. Then start wrapping your yarn/wool around the board. I wrapped mine around 75 times. The more you wrap the thicker fuller your pom pom will be.

Once you have your desired amount wrapped around the cardboard you can cut the yarn at the top of the pom pom. Then slide out the cardboard.

Here is your pom pom, now you have to start cleaning up the edges to make it nice and full looking.

Start clipping around the tips of the yarn/wool until you have your pom pom to the desired shape you would like.

Use a tapestry needle and weave the two ends of your 8" center thread to the inside of the hat or whatever you are securing your pom pom to.

Weave in ends and tighten securely. Fluff pom pom and voila! You are finished!!! :)
Very cute and easy, hope you have enjoyed my "How To: Make a Pom Pom" tutorial.

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