November 3, 2010

Free Pattern: Easy Peasy Toddler Scarf

This scarf is comfy cozy, it is knit holding two strands of yarn together that gives it a real chunky texture. I added two medium size oak buttons to it so it can be worn like a cowl, very cute on a bright eyed toddler. There is no need to add button holes (yarn overs) there is just enough space between the stitches that the buttons will slide easily through.

If you are new to knitting this project is for you!


Worsted weight yarn in colour of your choice

Size 10mm knitting needles

2 Buttons (optional)


Tapestry needle to sew in loose ends

Cast on 17 stitches (holding two strands together)

Knit every row

***Note: Always slip the first stitch without knitting it, this will give you a nice clean edge.

So that being said just knit every row until the scarf is knitted to desired length mine was approx 36" long.

Cast off loosely.

Sew in loose ends.

Take the two buttons (or however many you would like) and sew then on wherever you would like to place them, I staggered mine a little. That's it! Your finished, how easy was that! :)
*Pattern is for personal use only! Please do not copy or sell this pattern or sell items produced from the use of this pattern. (Gift giving is fine. :)
Copyright 2010

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