November 30, 2010

December Free Giveaway ~ Featuring Plain Jane

I am proud to announce this month's sponsor ~ Plain Jane!

Plain Jane will be giving away a 100% safe, non toxic baby ball that can be played with inside and out.  And we can't forget mom so Plain Jane will also be giving away a super stylish wallet.  This is a wonderful gift for both mom and baby, great for yourself or a gift!
~In her own words~

What led you down this path of creating handmade sewing items?

"It started after I had my son a year ago. Some other new moms and I were discussing toys. The consensus was that there aren't enough soft toys on the market that are 100% machine washable. They all have rattles or crinkles or squeakers in them. And really, not EVERY toy has to make a noise! I started making the fabric baby balls as a safe, non-toxic toy that could be played with indoors or out. From there, I decided "mom" needed something, too! I recently started making some wallets and coffee cozies and other products for more than just baby. I hope to get into more stuffed animals for baby and purses for mom."

What inspires you to create your designs?

"My son is my biggest inspiration. Making things that are fun, colorful, safe and washable seemed like the most important factors in creating the baby toys."

How long have you been creating? And how long has Plain Jane been in business?

"I officially started Plain Jane in May of 2010. I had been working on several ideas before that, but actually putting a brand on it started then. I took fashion design in college and have been sewing for as long as I can remember!"

Where can people buy your products?

In London on December 11, 2010 at An Artists Affair, a local craft/art show and sale.
This giveaway includes both Baby Ball and Wallet.

Contest Rules are as follows:
Contest runs from Nov 30th ~ Dec 31st 2010
Winner will be chosen by randomizer and announced Jan 1st 2011

Contest is now closed

To Enter:
Become a follower of Plain Jane and/or Hipknitized
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Become a follower of Plain Jane and/or Hipknitized on Twitter
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Please leave a comment in the comment section below stating that you have become a follower
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the only way randomizer will work is if you leave a comment.  Also leave your
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if you are the lucky winner!

Good Luck!

And thank you to Plain Jane :)

November 16, 2010

Yarn Weight and Needle Size

I thought I would post a helpful little chart stating the different types of yarn and different needle sizes that work best with each size of yarn. I know how hard it can be sometimes trying to figure out what weight yarn and size of needle to use. So here we are, I hope you find this helpful!

Yarn Weights:

1. Super Fine: Baby, Fingering and Sock. Needle Size(US): 1-3
2.Fine: Baby, Sport. Needles Size(US): 3-5
3.Light: DK, Light Worsted. Needle Size(US): 5-7
4. Medium: Afghan, Aran, Worsted. Needle Size(US): 7-9
5. Bulky: Chunky, Craft and Rug. Needle Size(US): 9-11
6. Super Bulky: Bulky, Roving. Needle Size(US): 11 and up

November 9, 2010

How To: Make A Pom Pom

For my "How To: Make a Pom Pom" tutorial you will need:

1. Yarn/wool of choice colour
2. Scissors
3. Tapestry needle
4. Cardboard template

Making pom poms for your knitting projects are a great way to finish off an item. They are easy and fun to make and you don't need a whole lot of yarn/wool to create them! First off you will have to decide how long you want your pom pom threads to be. For my pom pom a cut a piece of cardboard that was approx. 2" wide from the middle of the pom pom. (Length of cardboard does not matter)

Once you have your cardboard ready place approx an 8" piece of yarn down (lengthwise where you are going to start wrapping the yarn, this will be your center. Then start wrapping your yarn/wool around the board. I wrapped mine around 75 times. The more you wrap the thicker fuller your pom pom will be.

Once you have your desired amount wrapped around the cardboard you can cut the yarn at the top of the pom pom. Then slide out the cardboard.

Here is your pom pom, now you have to start cleaning up the edges to make it nice and full looking.

Start clipping around the tips of the yarn/wool until you have your pom pom to the desired shape you would like.

Use a tapestry needle and weave the two ends of your 8" center thread to the inside of the hat or whatever you are securing your pom pom to.

Weave in ends and tighten securely. Fluff pom pom and voila! You are finished!!! :)
Very cute and easy, hope you have enjoyed my "How To: Make a Pom Pom" tutorial.

November 3, 2010

Free Pattern: Easy Peasy Toddler Scarf

This scarf is comfy cozy, it is knit holding two strands of yarn together that gives it a real chunky texture. I added two medium size oak buttons to it so it can be worn like a cowl, very cute on a bright eyed toddler. There is no need to add button holes (yarn overs) there is just enough space between the stitches that the buttons will slide easily through.

If you are new to knitting this project is for you!


Worsted weight yarn in colour of your choice

Size 10mm knitting needles

2 Buttons (optional)


Tapestry needle to sew in loose ends

Cast on 17 stitches (holding two strands together)

Knit every row

***Note: Always slip the first stitch without knitting it, this will give you a nice clean edge.

So that being said just knit every row until the scarf is knitted to desired length mine was approx 36" long.

Cast off loosely.

Sew in loose ends.

Take the two buttons (or however many you would like) and sew then on wherever you would like to place them, I staggered mine a little. That's it! Your finished, how easy was that! :)
*Pattern is for personal use only! Please do not copy or sell this pattern or sell items produced from the use of this pattern. (Gift giving is fine. :)
Copyright 2010

November 2, 2010

Fall at the Farm...


Pumpkin Picking...

A Fellow Friend...



Here's hoping that you and your loved ones are taking the time to enjoy the beauty that this time of year has to offer. Smiles to you all!