September 13, 2010

How to Make Paper out of Dryer Lint

If you have a clothes dryer, then you can make beautiful handmade paper. I remember my art teacher in high school made her wedding invitations out of lint she saved from her dryer and thought, how amazing is that!

It's very easy and cheap to do. Here is the how to:


Plastic lid from a margarine container
Dryer lint
A piece of old sheet
Dish Pan, large cake pan, etc.

Take the butter tub lid and poke small holes all over it from the inside. Don't make them too big. Make as many as you can without ripping the lid apart.

You should do the whole project outside where you can get messy, place one folded towel down on the pressing surface.

Put water in the dish pan. Add dryer lint until its like a moderately thick soup. Take the margarine container lid you are using for a deckle and swirl it in the soup of water and lint. Remove. Place it on the folded towel. Cover with the old sheet. Cover with the second towel and press the water from the lint paper. You can create patterns on it now by pressing shapes on it.

Pick up the covering towel and sheet. Now you can see the nice round piece of paper laying there. Flip the lid over to tap what is now paper onto a surface to dry, any flat dry surface will do. Let the paper dry --- and use for art projects!! This is really artsy...I love it!

Keep repeating the process until the lint is used up. The paper may take a day or two to dry out. You can hang to dry or lay out on a screen so mildew doesn't develop.



  1. I have a container where I just put the lint after cleaning the vent and then I dump it after it gets full. Yahoo! it's full. I know what I'm going to try within the next few days.

  2. Can't wait... I have been saving the lint, just looking for the directions! Thank you!