August 24, 2010

Summers End...

One of many of my seeds that I planted in Spring! (this pumpkin decided he'd rather grow on the step instead of on the ground. Ash keeps saying "silly pumpkin")

We have been busy! Summer is nearing end and we have been trying to make the best of it, walks to the park, picking fruits and veggies from the local farm, summer nights spent at the drive in...soon school will be back in and people will fall back to their daily routines. Lucky me, I have one more year at home with my little guy before he too will be returning to school :(..

I have been really busy creating too! Working on LOTS of projects, new designs, knitting orders and so much more. Something that I have learned in the last week is "The early bird gets the worm" this is so true, really I mean it makes total sense right? I'm a little of a nighthawk and prefer to do most of my creating and designing when I settle down for the evening, but lately I have making a point of getting up a couple hours earlier mostly because I needed a few extra hours in my day to keep up, lol...and honestly I feel better and the couple of hours of lost sleep hasn't really affected by day.

On my facebook page last week I asked you all what was on your needles...I usually finish one project at a time before starting to knit another one but lately with numerous things going on at once this is almost impossible to do, this moment I have on my needles:

a toddler sweater
cabled cowl
pumpkin hat
boys beanie
and an I-cord flower,

I guess variety is a good definitely keeps things interesting!

One of many projects on the go...this one being a sweater.


  1. I always have at least three things on the needles - a sock in my purse ALWAYS, a hard project for keeping the mind sharp and an easy one for TV or reading knitting. Right now I have a 4th. An EZ baby surprise on my night stand for night knitting when I can't sleep.

  2. NIce colors for the sweater. I hope we'll get to see the finished project.

    Love the pumpkin! We got 4 that we didn't plant last year. I guess the birds did that

  3. I have a sweater for my 2 year old granddaughter on my needles now. I usually try finish one thing before I start another. I am itching to try some cute hat patterns so I better get that sweater finished!