August 16, 2010

A Couple of Items for Fall

Not that I am trying to rush the Summer along but there is no other season I love more than Fall. The cool crisp breeze, the abundance of vegetables available, the evening sun rays on the leaves as they fall off the trees dancing their way to the earth's surface...oh so many things, hot apple cider, cozy knits, pumpkins, the anniversary of my son's birth (along with my mother's, father's and brother's)...believe me, I could go on!

Over the last week I knitted a couple of items that would be perfect when the cooler weather arrives. The first being a cozy baby sweater, this sweater is one that I have posted on here before, it is from Lion Brand Yarn's free patterns and is a really easy baby sweater design. For this one I crocheted a pea green edge along the sleeves, collar, opening and bottom, I find it's always nice to have one of these on hand as you never know when a new Fall baby may arrive!

The second item is a knitted pumpkin hat for a baby. I found this pattern on Raverly (where you also can find my free patterns listed) there are a variety of pumpkin hats to choose from. I probably wouldn't knit this exact hat pattern again, I just found the pattern a little difficult to follow for some reason and was a little disappointed with the final result.

So...have you started any projects for Fall, if so what's on your needles?


  1. I love the pumpkin hat and plan to do one soon! I have found I love loom knitting much more than needles because my hands hurt less. Do you know where I can find these patterns for the loom or how I can adapt them?

  2. That little sweater is the cutest thing! I'm working on socks and a wrap.

  3. Hi Tahra,
    I think I have found the perfect site for you! It has a free pattern for an amazing pumpkin hat that is knitted on the loom, it is really cute and chunky!

    The site name is
    Good Luck! :)

  4. Love the pumpkin hat! Currently on my knitting needles is a round baby blanket!

  5. The pumpkin hat is so cute . . . I would love to order one. I'll message you on Facebook :-)

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