July 6, 2010

Summer Goals

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! We celebrated Canada Day on the 1st of July with fireworks lots of time spent down at the waterfront. The heat here has been pretty extreme...I guess Summer is well underway!

I began thinking, "What do I going to accomplish this Summer?" so I have decided to make a short list of 5 goals I would like to complete by the end of the Summer.

1. Makeover my studio. As of right now my studio is more of a storage room than a functional work space. The walls are painted an olive green colour that needs to be updated to a new lighter, brighter shade. The curtains need to be updated also...I really need to simplify this space and de-clutter!

2. Brush up on my photography skills. I have great intentions of taking day trips out and about to shoot some photos using the manual functions on my camera but never seem to find or make the time for this to actually happen...so silly really when all I really have to do is walk out my front door!

3. Plan a day at our provincial park "Springwater" including a pic-nik, with LOTS of play!

4. Take a few trips to the beach where I can actually relax and watch my little man frolic in the sand. (Isn't "frolic" an odd word?)

5. Make it to the "big city" aka Toronto and spend the day at Kensington Market, thrifting, shopping, eating, walking, exploring, taking photos and anything else I can possible think of!

I have plenty of time to make these happen...so hopefully in the weeks to come you will find my goal list checked off with a blog post showcasing each goal...now I'm committed!

Whats your list of goals for this Summer?

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