July 12, 2010

Studio Makeover is Underway!

I am sorry to say that I decided to "start" to tackle my studio today...I have been at it for hours but believe me you wouldn't know it! I honestly don't even enjoy being in here because it is so cluttered and unorganized. As of now I have a garbage bag to go to good will and another smallish bag of garbage/papers. Unfortunately you wouldn't even notice. :(

My desk in my studio is from the 1920's, it is solid oak and very large. I have cleaned out half of the drawers and discovered that the last time I must have cleaned out my desk was roughly the year 2000! Yes, that means my desk has collected about 10 years of "stuff". Ugh, disgusting! I guess out of sight, out of mind definitely has some truth to it!

I, as a blogger think that it is extremely important to post pictures with every post I write but as you will noticed there will be no photos of my studio "before", there is good reason for this. I will however, when I get my studio looking presentable take a few pictures before I paint, add new curtains and finish off the space accordingly.

Well I guess I may as well get back to it! Please feel free to comment below with storage ideas, de-cluttering tips and whatever else you may think that I may find useful in my journey of this makeover. You can also send my photos of your studio and work space that may inspire my creativity.

Wish me luck!


  1. Congrats on tackling that job! WHEW! That is next on my list (now that my bedroom has been done). I don't have a studio - just a part of our guest bedroom, but it MUST be done so that I can work.

    Can't wait to see your organizational and storage ideas.

  2. Lol, my bedroom is the next room on my list after my studio...may be awhile before I can tackle it though!