July 20, 2010

A Day Trip South

My mom, son and I took a drive about 3+ hours south from where I live to Grand Bend Ontario. On the outskirts of Grand Bend we drove by an old thrift shop in a really small town. We decided to go inside and have a peek...Wow! it was fantastic!!!

The thrift shops that I am use to are generally in fairly populated areas, with prices that are reasonable and affordable but not like this shop. Items started at 5 cents for toys etc and went upwards slightly from there. CD's and DVD's were 50 cents, records were 25 cents, clothing $1.00...I found yards of numerous designs of fabric averaging about 25-50 cents each.

We spent over 2 hours thrifting through the books, records and such. The white haired workers offered us coffee as they sat on the numerous couches and chatted about the town folk. I honestly felt like I walked into a shop found somewhere back in the 50's...it was great!

I had baskets full of items, CD's, records, fabric, vintage napkin's, books, wall hangings, clothing and more, everything totally less than $17. Isn't thrifting wonderful! :)

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