June 30, 2010

A Trip To The Berry Farm!

Since Strawberries and Raspberries are both in season a friend and myself decided to take our boys out to do some pick'in! Barrie Hill Farms has been around for generations, I remember my mother taking my brother and myself as wee ones and we loved it! They farm all different types of fruits and vegetables all season long, I love the fact that they are just around the corner and we can actually hand pick the items ourselves.

My son seemed to be the perfect age at 2 and a half to be picking fruit off the vine, he had his own little box and went to town...only sampling a couple giant strawberries along the way. His favourite ones to pick were the berries that were still white, I think because they were a different colour they appeared "special" to him!

We started by taking a tractor ride out to the field, it was so priceless to see him grinning ear to ear as the tractor travelled down the bumpy dirt roads to the field, as soon as the tractor stopped we jumped off and it were almost as if he were looking for hidden Easter eggs the way he scurried into the field to start searching for berries.

It's days like these that will stick in my mind, days I know my son had a great day, doing something simple, something that doesn't cost a whole lot of money, something that we both enjoyed together...as soon as we got home we cleaned off the berries filled a bowl overflowing and sat across from each other on the living room floor, shortly after eating a couple of berries he let out a yawn then snuggled up on the couch and closed his eyes...words can't express the joy that filled my heart seeing his sweet little face fade into dreamland...probably dashing into the fields to searching.

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  1. There so sweet when they are young..I bet he had a blast..