June 28, 2010

Top 500 Albums of All Time

I LOVE music! I was raised surrounded by music, my father was and still is a musician and a guitar teacher, my brother has successfully followed in his footsteps.

I started piano lessons at the age of four learning to read theory and being taught through the Royal Conservatory of Music, I had a wonderfully talented music teacher and artist Joyce, who unfortunately passed away of cancer when I was 9, I then switched teachers and continued studying until the age of 16...until boys entered my life, lol! Anyhow music is very much my life, I find it truly amazing how something even without words can move you to the point of tears.

From the obvious, The Beatles, The Eagles, The Band, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez...all those popular bands from back and the day...to the less obvious, Nick Drake, Kate Bush, Leonard Cohen, Glenn Gould, Philip Glass, Danny Elfman and of course Classical music from decades past.

I found a link that you music lovers may find interesting from Rolling Stone Magazine http://www,rollingstone.com/music/lists/6862/35223/48213 it lists the Top 500 Albums of all Time, there's some really amazing music listed there some old that you have heard hundreds of times and some you will find that your ears have never heard, I think it's always special to find some fresh finds, take a peek...you never know what surprises you may find!

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