June 24, 2010

Shark Hat

Well, I am happy to say that I have finally finished the "Shark Hat". I found this pattern on a blog called "Knitting Ninja" http://www.knittingninja.com/patterns/shark-hat/ I found this pattern somewhat confusing to follow and had to make quite a few adjustments along the way including knitting my own teeth and fins from scratch to compliment the hat properly. I recommend this pattern only if you are an experienced knitter and are able to improvise with your own creativity. Let me know how you think it turned out!


  1. Your hat turned out GREAT!! I am trying to do this from scratch since Knitting Ninja pulled the pattern. You don't happen to have one saved someplace do you? I would really appreciate it! I'm trying to make this for a friend's son and can't seem to figure out the top fin! Thanks!

  2. Oh you're kidding! :( That's too bad...I don't have it anywhere, sorry.