June 22, 2010

Messenger Style Bag

Here is my creation from last evening. It is a messenger bag made from beautiful batik fabric. I went fabric shopping last night and spent a couple hours replenishing my stock and a small fortune! This was the most expensive fabric that I purchased and probably the most beautiful. I added a vintage button that I think finished off the bag nicely.

I also came across some really cool fabric that had an Elvis print and of course my favourite (and Ash's) The Beatles, Yellow Submarine!!! We will see what fun stuff I create for my little man out of those! The rest of the fabric was kind of 60's and 70's inspired floral prints along with a heavier solid coloured cotton fabric.

I always find it some what therapeutic shopping and creating items out of fabric and/or wool, last evening was perfect with my son napping peacefully beside me, the sun reflecting on my workspace and an evening breeze flowing in through my bedroom window and Joni Mitchell echoing in the background...I love looking at my finished product and remembering how much joy it brought me in creating it, so satisfying and liberating!

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