June 6, 2010

Free Pattern: Jamaican Wristband

I had a friend of mine approach me and ask if I would make him a wristband that had all three colours of the Jamaican flag on it. He told me he wanted it to be approx. 3-4 inches long and that his wrist was 7 inches around, I custom made it to fit him but because yarn is stretchy it will fit a variety of sizes including myself and I have small wrists at just over 4 inches in size!

Yarn: I used worsted wight yarn scraps in black, yellow and green.
Needles: 4 size 3mm double pointed needles.
Gauge: Not important.

Cast on 36 sts with black and divide evenly on three needles. Careful not to twist stitches.
Row 1-10: Knit every row
Switch to yellow
Row 10-20: Knit every row
Switch to green
R0w 20-30: Knit every row

Bind off loosely
Sew in loose ends

Have fun and enjoy!

Copyright 2010
For personal use only!!!

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  1. thats awesome cause jamaican me crazy for them!!!