May 11, 2010

Thrifting Finds!!!

I can't express how thrilled I am with my thrifting finds yesterday! With some upcoming shows I was trying to figure out the best way to display some of my hats that I have designed. I headed out yesterday with hat display stands in mind, you know the metal ones with knobs on top to hold the hat up. I actually didn't really think I'd find them. Well I found them, three to be exact right from the 50's and I couldn't believe it they were actually on sale too!

I continued to keep digging for treasures when I came across these two mannequin heads (also on sale!) These are just perfect to use as props on my craft table to display my hats, I just couldn't believe that I found these...I'm still smiling!

When I brought them home the dogs went crazy barking and lunging at them, I think they actually thought that they were real people without bodies, lol. My son was a little afraid but has come around now and likes to look at them. We named the girl Renee and the boy Jack.

Placing them in my studio last night right before bed gave me a creepy feeling, thinking that when I turned out the light an episode of the Twilight Zone may occur behind the studio door, I will admit I do find them somewhat creepy!

A bag full of vintage buttons...also on sale!

Vintage 50's style hat stands that were used in department stores back in the 50's.

Renee modelling my latest hat!

Jack after I trimmed his facial hair,

Jack before I trimmed his facial hair (he was long overdue for a trim!)


  1. Those 1950s heads are so very cool! I do find Jack a bit freaky, but definately better after his trim!

  2. I would like the pattern for the womans hat. I have been looking for one like this to make for my daughter for xmas. If you will share the pattern please send to the following - Thanks.