May 1, 2010

Scents to Relax With...

I love to find natural ways to relax, one of my favourite ways is through the power of scent. Scientists agree hands down that our most primal sense is the sense of smell, exerting such a strong power over us that it can induce mood changes. Here are some simple ways you can put this power of scent to work, helping you feel more at ease.
Relaxing Essential Oils:
Cinnamon. Cozy, comforting.
Florals. Stress relief.
Lavender. Relaxing, soothing.
Sandalwood. Warm, comforting.
Vanilla. Stress-reducing, relaxing.
Uses for Essential Oils
Dilute with water and spray on your bedsheets.
Use it in the bath.

Create scented massage oils.
Anoint candles with it.
Choose incense scented with it.
Put a drop on a cool light bulb to release its fragrance when you turn on the lamp.
Place some in a ceramic diffuser.
Simmer a few drops in a pot of water on the stove

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