May 18, 2010

Monster Hat: How To...

I was trying to think up funky ideas that would be good for a boys hat, I find that in knitting there are unlimited designs for girls but when it comes to boys sometimes you need to use your imagination.

I was looking at different appliques and came across some neat monster ones...I settled on this little creature and simply cut him out of felt. I guess you can print out templates if you need help, I just used scissors and started cutting! After cutting out the felt I used fabric glue to tack all the pieces together and attach them to the hat then took a needle and thread and stitched around the ends in orange. (I did this after the photos were taken)

There are endless possibilities you can experiment with and don't worry you don't have to get it "right" every time you create something, just try different things and see what works best...sometimes you'll be amazed with what appears in front of you!

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