April 9, 2010

Summer Fashion Trends 2010

With the nicer weather lately I have had an itch to get prepared for some summer fashion and thought I would share with you all whats going to be "hot" this summer.

Hair: For 2010 is more about being free and casual vs prim and proper last year. The four most popular hair trends for summer 2010 are the bob, fringe, layers (think Jennifer Aniston) and a cool crop. Very natural and low maintenance.

The number one accessory for your hair this summer are bows headbands...could actually design a couple of knits ones, don't you think? Just remember to wear with caution, it can become very easy to look childish or tacky. Think unique and high quality, fabrics include silks, leathers and knits.

The key looks for summer are:
Hot pants and boy shorts
Knee high and over the knee socks
high dress splits
Jumpsuits and playsiuts
and see through and sheer fabrics really airy and light

The colour palette for the season includes a very green based season also prevalent are pinks, blues, browns, and even some neon colours like neon greens...flashback to the 90's maybe???

These colours are very light and bright. Some pattern colour combos will be inspired from pop art of the 60's and 70's.
Well I know that I am ready to start getting my summer wardrobe in order and remember it doesn't have to cost you a fortune, you can buy a few new pieces to incorporate into your already existing wardrobe. Remember to shop with $ in mind, buy second hand, except hand me downs and alter what you already have. These are just trends remember!
Good luck!


  1. I love over-the-knee socks.

    I hate the fact that at 46 there's just really no excuse or reason to wear them. :(

  2. I'v given you a Kreativ Blogger Award, on my website www.pompomemporium.com Please do with it what you will, don't feel you have to take part, I won't be offended!