April 3, 2010

Sewing Baskets (Part One)

I decided the other day it is time to consolidate my four sewing baskets, well I guess I shouldn't say "my" because they really aren't mine at all...two of them were my mother's, one of them my great grandmother's on my mom's side and the other my great grandmother's on my dad's side (she actually wrote on the bottom of the basket that she received it from my grandma and grandfather on her birthday in 1950)

I have never actually sat down and picked apart these baskets piece by piece before, it was more just rummaging through them if I needed a button or a needle of sorts. So the other day my son and I sat on the landing at the top of the stairs placed all the baskets around us and away we went...well was I in over my head, I still haven't finished sorting all the bits and pieces of interesting finds. I think I spent most of my time in amazement of the unique little pieces of treasure I had found then actually organizing anything at all.

I loved finding the old needles that were once held by my great grandmothers hand, the buttons that possibly were worn on an old blouse and old sewing patterns that they once followed. Days were different then but traditions stay strong and I hope that someday I will be handing down my sewing basket(s) to my great granddaughter or grandson for them to someday enjoy!


  1. Oh, you've got a real treasure there, that's awesome.

  2. What a beautiful collection! Definitely keep passing them on, they're terrific!