April 11, 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award

I have been given the "Kreativ Blogger Award" by PomPomEmporium (Anjie's Blog). I now have to name seven creative things I have done...here we go!

1. Painted the backdrops for my high school play, Hair

2. Started baking, creating and designing cakes for each and every family occasion

3. Started playing Classical piano at the young age of four

4. Completely landscaped by front and backyard with my own two hands (and a very sore back)

5. Started designing and creating outfits for my Barbie's out of scraps of material my mom gave me...as young as 6/7 years old.

6. Creating and designing digital video albums of old/new family photos including background music.

7. Last but not least designing and creating my own knitting patterns to share with my friends on my blog!

Now I am passing on this award to 5 creative bloggers:

4. Skip to my Lou http://wwwskiptomylou.org/

They can do with it whatever they like!

Thanks pompomemporium!