April 1, 2010


My son and I watched a movie last night, it was one that has been out for awhile but one we had never seen. I don't remember hearing too much about it when it was released but always had an interest in viewing it.

We went to the library this past week as always and saw "Enchanted" on the shelve, picked it up along with some others and of course Ashton's dinosaur books and away we went. Well yesterday evening after a busy day of working in the garden and catching up on some orders we popped it in the portable DVD player snuggled in bed and hit play. Well, l loved this movie...it is of course a little off beat (she is a fairy tale princess) but I thought that it was extremely well done. Ashton, poor guy couldn't stay awake and is probably a little too young anyway to fully understand it but I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Part of me thinks that it is the little girl in me, the dreamer in me that hooked me on the film, it is very magical and fairy like. This movie is pure, it's cute, it's witty and I think it is great for all age groups, children, teens and adults. This will definitely be a keeper on my list of favourite movies. Hoping myself that happily ever after will happen! The end.


  1. LOL! My little girl (and I) also love this movie. Maybe also because 'McDreamy' is in it.....?

  2. Lol, oh yeah...I guess I forgot to mention that detail!!! ;)

  3. I'm not so sure about happily ever after, how about embracing happily ever now?