April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had a really beautiful time this Easter long weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful, we spent most of the weekend outside with family, neighbours and friends. I took my son to the local farm for the annual Easter egg hunt and he had a blast! We collected all kinds of eggs to put in his basket, saw the Easter bunny and feed the animals.

With the family his cousins and him rode there bikes, played road hockey and drew dinosaurs on the driveway in chalk. It was a really nice time to take a step back for a moment and cherish this time in his life. Such a time of purity and innocence. Over the weekend we visited a friend and her new puppy "Maple" a 6 week old Puggle, Pug and Beagle cross...so cute!

I really hope that all of you had a wonderful time like I did with my family is it so important to share the holidays with the ones you love.

"Happy Easter,
happy Spring,
happy happy everything!"

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