March 28, 2010

All They Need Is Love

Well my little guy finally talked me into opening up some of my Beatle: Yellow Submarine collectibles last night. I use to collect all kinds of Beatle memorabilia but stopped about ten years ago, these figures were probably one of the last items that I collected.

After watching the movie Yellow Submarine he fell in love with "The Beatles". Since then I was organizing my office and came across these figures, 16 in total. They are about 11 yrs old up until last night they were still in original boxes. He would sit and admiring them in the boxes and would look up at me with his big round eyes saying "Please mom, please" so after tearing on my heart strings for some time now I just figured that these little characters will be much better off loved by my little boy then collecting dust on a shelve somewhere. All they need is love!


  1. I loved that movie as a kid! I spent my graduation money on a ticket to see Ringo, and when he sang Yellow Submarine, I felt like I was 6 all over again. John and Glove are currently on my bookshelf, and when I have kids, they'll totally be watching that movie. Way to go!

  2. Yeah, it's crazy cause I'm a huge Beatles fan! I just never thought that he would key in on them at 2 and a half!!! I am so glad I let him play with the characters, he spends hours each day with them and singing yellow submarine...priceless! :)