March 20, 2010

Project: Decorative Pillow and A Huge Sigh of Relief

Here is my decorative pillow, I have actually had this done for time time but until I received my new camera I was not able to take a photograph of it. It is a little lumpy, I'm guessing I have too much stuffing in there at the moment. I still have to close up the seam where I placed the stuffing inside so will try and flatten it down a tad. All in all is was a fun project, and great for using up bits of material that you do not have a lot of!

So about my new camera...well I just got it yesterday, of course the silly UPS guy/girl leaves it sitting on my front step which I think is really silly considering the price that I paid for it and the location of where I live, on a busy street near the downtown core with lots of people walking past my house at any given time. Thanks to all it was still there when I returned home after having my son at the park!

Unfortunately my memory card from my other camera did not fit this new camera so I had to dig out an old one from about five years ago. To my amazement it had over a hundred photos on it that I had forgotten to get developed!
Most of the photos consisting of the LIVE8 concert that took place in my city! I went camera crazy at that concert having some *GREAT* pics of Neil Young, Bruce Cockburn, Bryan Adams, Gorden Lightfoot, Jann Arden, Jet, only to name a few. Also on there were some pics of an ex boyfriend (which I deleted right away, lol) and some photos of a pet bird I had "Richie" God rest his soul, he was a true best friend! Needless to say I was ecstatic to find these and spent a good part of the evening searching through them and reminiscing.
Then...later that evening I decided to get out my cameras manual and start playing around with the features...flipping through I came across a page that said to format my memory card to my camera, thinking that this is something that needed to be done I started pressing buttons proceeded ahead and then took a few more photos (just testing it out, 20 0r so) didn't see a change then went back to review my pics from earlier and found that when I formatted my memory card it actually erased all of my pictures that I had existing on it!
Ahhhh, I didn't know what to do, by this time it was like 1 or so in the morning so I said a couple of foul words rolled on my side and tried to go to sleep...went to sleep, woke up at 4 or so tossed and turned fell back asleep at 6 then woke up at 8 stumbled down to my laptop and started searching for modes of recovery to help get my pictures back.
It took a few trys at "free" does not apply to me getting my pictures back it just applied to me downloading the program to view my photos...which were there to view thank God! Unfortunately each and every program I tried wanted $40-$50 dollars so I could get my silly photos back, that were MINE to begin with!
Finally I messaged as many people as a knew telling my sob story and after a few trys my Uncle came back to me with a site that downloaded and recovered my photos for FREE!!! It is called "Pandora Recovery" if you are ever in need of recovering deleted photos from a memory card among other things that are deleted this site can do it! It is a life saver and gave me a huge sigh of relief! Once again too it doesn't cost a cent.
I did however lose a few photos do to the fact that after I formatted the memory card I continued to take 20 or so photo which did over write the ones I had on there originally...but I will not complain I am just happy that I recovered the ones I lost. All said and done, I have a new camera, my old photos back and can now breathe a big sigh of relief thanks to new technology, mind you had I just taken the photos with film I wouldn't have came across this problem to begin with! Sighhhhh...:)

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