March 9, 2010

Hand Felted Baby Mary Janes

Before Felting

After Felting

Theses baby Mary Jane's were made using my simple Mary Jane's free pattern that you can find in my archives from last year: September 2009. I made these ones a little different by using 100% wool and hand felting them with hot water, soap and being somewhat abrasive (check out my how to felt your projects for a step by step tutorial). I loved the way they turned out, they have a real earthy look to them. I think they are just right for the spring season and would make great gifts for any Easter babies!


  1. Oh No. Had some left over gray wool from my last project and started right on them.

    What size needles did you use?

    So, so cute!

  2. Gorgeous!

    I'm giving you the Sunshine Award!

  3. I used size 4.5 mm. Hope you like them!!!

  4. To Alei-Noodle Knits
    Hey thanks!!! That's really cool...I will start looking for my 12 blogs tomorrow! Thanks again :)