February 7, 2010

Winterfest 2010

After finishing up an order last night I had left my set of four double pointed needles sitting on the coffee table, getting up to get a drink from the kitchen I returned to find my needles missing. In a panic searching (not wanting my little guy to harm himself ) I asked my son where he placed them, "Dinosaur eat" he replied...the above photo explains everything :)

This weekend has been really productive for me, started cleaning out and organizing my office and craft materials, finished up on a few orders and took a couple hours to enjoy our local Winterfest. Our Winterfest has ice sculptures, dog sledding, horse drawn carriages, the Olympic torch, polar bear dips, winter midway and so much more. It was really cold when we ventured out to explore, my little guy didn't even want out of his snugly stroller bundled under a few layers of blankets...can you blame him! We still had fun though, despite the cold.

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