February 4, 2010

Project Shopping Bag

I finished my shopping bag! I am more likely to use it for the library though considering its size. I am amazed how fast some sewing projects are compared to knitting of course!!! The technique I learned last night was how to finish a project using a french seam so basic but yet makes a huge difference in the finished product, very clean and neat.

My next project is going to be my apron this is a more complex pattern and will probably take a little more time and concentration...looking forward to it though!!! I am making this apron to wear while I completing my craft projects, like knitting, sewing and so on you know all those crafts that require you to carry tid bits of odds and ends that you always seem to misplace here there and everywhere. I am hoping that the creation of this apron will help solve my problem of misplacing my little tools, pockets...that's what I need big spacious pockets.

I only have one apron right now that that is the one that I use to cook with, it was my grandmother's, I love wearing it...it brings back the memories of when I was a little girl and I use to stand in the kitchen watching her cook over the stove. She made the most wonderful homemade dinners, and cookies too! I remember my brother and I were only allowed a certain few of her cookies but I would sneak into the kitchen and open up the cookie tin to scoop a few extra out, then move around the cookies to try and make it look like there were just as many there as before. Ha, Ha, I'm sure she was well aware that there were some missing, especially if my brother was doing the same thing! It's funny what you take for granted, my grandmother is in a nursing home now. I visit her every couple of days with my dad and my son, she is perfectly healthy mentally but physically suffers from arthritis. I mean she probably never imagined herself in the situation she is know living. I remember her wanting to show my how to knit but her hands could not do what she was wanting them to do...how frustrating must that be. I guess that's why we all need to live each day to the fullest, take pride and what we do and if we are having a bad day shrug it off, life is to important and to short to dwell on the little things. Savour every moment...we just don't know when that last moment may be.

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