February 2, 2010

Project Headband

Well I have finished my headband from my sewing lesson. This took me a little longer then I had anticipated since I had misplaced my presser foot and had a bit of trouble finding a new one that fit my machine.

This project was very simple and is custom fit to the shape of my head. The pattern was designed by me and was easy and fun to make. After figuring out my measurements it took no time at all to cut and prep the material. I had fun using my machine and the built in pattern buttons to add some decorative touches.

Tomorrow night I will be working on my reusable shopping bag, I have my bag material all cut out and ready to go it's just a matter of adding some funky details to it to make it a little more unique...I think I may be falling in love with sewing just as much as knitting, now it's just a matter of making everything fit in a 24hr span...hmmm does a person really need to sleep :)

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