February 23, 2010

Free Pattern:Simple Chunky Slippers

I love these cozy quick knit slippers that can be knit up in a couple hours. I decided to double up my basic yarn to give them some nice texture and extra warmth. You can use any colour of yarn combined with a contrast crocheted edge for some pizazz. Great for gifts if you are short on time! Enjoy!

Note: I apologize for the quality of these photos, I dropped my camera earlier today on my hardwood floors and it hasn't been working right since...hoping to get it fixed soon!

Size 9-10 Ladies
Yarn: Bernet Big Value, Acrylic.

Main Colour: Hot Pink, Contrast Colour: Deep Purple.
Needle Size: Four size 6 1/2 double pointed needles.

Large Crochet Hook

Darning Needle to sew in loose ends

Double up on your yarn, I usually pull one thread from the outside and one from the inside or you could use two balls...same or different colours would do.

Make Two!

Cast on 12 Stitches, divide evenly onto 3 needles,
Round 1: Knit
Round 2: *K1,K1f&b, repeat from * until you have 18 sts
Round 3: Knit
Round 4: *K2,K1f&b, repeat from * until you have 24 sts
Round 5: Knit
Round 6: K1, P1, ribbing until piece measures 6" from toe opening

Ankle Opening: Work back and forth in rows,
1x1 Ribbing until piece measures 4 1/2"
Place 12 sts onto two needles each and use the three needle bind off method to close heel.
Sew together toe opening and all loose ends, and crochet around opening with your colour choice.
You're all done, enjoy!
Copyright 2010
For personal use only!


  1. Cute slippers! They look comfy!

  2. Will try this over the weekend...very cute, thanks!

  3. definitely going to try these! :) so cute. going to get the perfect wool this weekend!

  4. This is my favorite slipper pattern that I've seen so far! I've been looking around for one but most of them look a little off to me. I have one question though. I'm still pretty much a beginner. Could you give me tips on adjusting the size down for a 7 1/2 size foot? Thanks!

  5. I am new to knitting and I just can't figure out the ankle part. I've got my 6"'s on there and now I'm stuck as to how the ankle opening works. Do I put the 12 sts on 2 needles and stop the knitting in the round? Please help.

  6. no you carry on knitting in the round, you just start knitting back and forwards... So knit twelve stitches, then turn the whole thing around an purl back over them, then when you get to the end, knit back again.