February 1, 2010

Chain Maille Bracelet

As a member of the Simcoe County Arts and Crafts Association we have a meeting once a month to share a new craft that everybody can join in on. This month we decided to create a chain maille bracelet...and I fell in love. You can use any type of metal, this bracelet is made out of copper. It is very basic and straight forward even though it look complex.

Chain maille is a type of amour consisting of small metal rings linked together to form a pattern. The earliest form of mail dates back to a forth Century BC, it was used to make a different types of amour, now a days it is commonly used for jewellery. There a several different patterns you can use to form different types of jewellery, the possibilities are endless.

If anybody ever has to chance to give this a try it would be well worth it, I found it just like forming a puzzle by linking together the rings. It was very relaxing and enjoyable, there are many sources on line that you can find where there are patterns available and places to purchase the chain maille. Hope you enjoy my bracelet, I just love it!

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