February 28, 2010

Project Pajama Bottoms

This was probably the easiest sewing project so far, I actually did it twice...once following the store bought pattern then tore out the seams and re did it to fit myself more accurately. I went with a very lightweight cotton so it would be comfortably to sleep in. I also shortened the leg and made them more of a Capri than a pant.

Just before starting my pajama bottoms I finished my apron which I love! I had a little trouble with creating the seam along the deep curve but other than that it was pretty basic too. Tomorrow I will be starting my decorative pillow, I am really looking forward to this project it seems like it will be a lot of fun!

February 26, 2010


I decided I wanted to try something different for a change and came across this pattern for a cabled bag from Vogue Knitting. So far it has knit up pretty quickly using wool ease wool, I am hoping to have it completed by the end of the weekend...we'll see!

February 25, 2010

Behind The Walls

I just had to share this little finding with you all. I have a family friend doing a bathroom Reno for me, while he was tearing part of the wall down he came across this empty can of coke in really great condition. Just thought that it was really neat to find it there...makes me wonder about when they were building this special little house of mine back in 1969/70...maybe it was left there for someone to find someday or maybe just forgotten. Anyhow it will become a keepsake of mine, just because I like it!

February 22, 2010

A moment of peace this morning as I get caught up on some unfinished projects while my little one still sleeps...no t.v...no music...just the sound of my scissors cutting the fabric...

February 21, 2010

Birthday Cake...

Birthday Wishes...

Birthday Girl...

And The Perfect Birthday Gift!

February 20, 2010

Let The Festivities Begin!

Everything is prepped and ready to go! Candy apples, Jello, Candy cupcakes and Princess birthday cake...I'm seeing a tummy ache in my future! Here's hoping my Niece likes her cozy little slippers.

February 16, 2010

Lavender and Sage Slippers

My Nieces birthday is coming up this weekend and she had asked me to knit her a pair of purple slippers, so I flipped through some pattens and came across these quick knit ones. I doubled up the yarn on the foot to give it more of a chunky look. These should keep her little feet warm and cozy!

My Niece will be turning three! I can't believe how quickly time has gone by. Now that my Niece and Nephew are 3 and 4, I seem to be getting all these requests for different knit projects...slippers, hats, sweaters...and anytime one wants an item so does the other! Not only are they asking for knits but anytime a birthday comes near I start getting hints of what type of character cake they would like me to make. For my son's birthday it was Buzz Lightyear, my Nephew's in December was Spiderman and now for this weekend I think my Niece has decided on a "Princess" cake...but we'll see, she can't seem to decide. So keep a close watch to see what this weekend has to offer, I will be posting some photos of her cake and whatever else I come up with. It seems that once I start baking I just can't stop! Here's to being three, wearing purple slippers, and eating princess cake! I just can't wait!!!

February 13, 2010

Toddler Longies

Yay, my son's longies are finished! He is sleeping while I blog this post but will have to take some pictures of him in his cutie pants! These are custom fit to him exactly...and oh so adorable. Longies are great for diaper covers and very functional in the colder weather. I just think they are the cutest thing!!!

A little home improvement!

I am a BIG do it yourselfer, I get this from my dad. Ever since I could walk I always would follow my father around wanting to help with every little home improvement. I can remember at a young age he would let me trail behind him and help with the odd job, I even remember getting together scraps of wood and building all sorts of little things out of them and I couldn't have been more than four or five!!!

This has definitely carried on into my life as an adult, and I just can't seem to stop myself...it seems like I always have a home project on the go at one time or another. Today it was refinishing the hardwood floors in my sons room. I have been trying to conquer one room at a time to try to keep things somewhat functional in my daily life. I have finished the floors in entrance way and staircase now I have carried the refinishing into my little guys room. I decided to go with a rich dark chestnut colour and absolutely love it and brings a lot of warmth to the room. Tomorrow I will start adding the varathane and soon it will be good to go...for the meantime anyways!

February 11, 2010

Getting there...

So...I am slowly getting caught up on a couple of projects I have been working on, my apron and the longies. I just thought that I would post a couple picks so you all could see where I'm at with both of them. We are finally getting over a cold that has been lingering so hopefully I will become a little more productive in the days to come. I will keep you all posted!

February 9, 2010

Label's are in!

I am proud to say that my new label's are in. I just ordered very simple tags to start with nothing fancy...just your basic black print with an ivory cream background. Yesterday I added them to a hat and mittens set, it really finished them off nicely.

Today am in the process of knitting a pair of longies for my son, I woke up with a terrible cold that has been brewing inside me for the last few days. So today will be a lazy day of knitting and relaxing...I may not even get dressed! I can't wait to share this pattern with you all, it seems like a while since I've posted a new design. Anyhow time for a cup of some hot ginger tea and some more rest, oh yes and my apron is well under way also, should be finished tomorrow!!!

February 7, 2010

Winterfest 2010

After finishing up an order last night I had left my set of four double pointed needles sitting on the coffee table, getting up to get a drink from the kitchen I returned to find my needles missing. In a panic searching (not wanting my little guy to harm himself ) I asked my son where he placed them, "Dinosaur eat" he replied...the above photo explains everything :)

This weekend has been really productive for me, started cleaning out and organizing my office and craft materials, finished up on a few orders and took a couple hours to enjoy our local Winterfest. Our Winterfest has ice sculptures, dog sledding, horse drawn carriages, the Olympic torch, polar bear dips, winter midway and so much more. It was really cold when we ventured out to explore, my little guy didn't even want out of his snugly stroller bundled under a few layers of blankets...can you blame him! We still had fun though, despite the cold.

February 4, 2010

Project Shopping Bag

I finished my shopping bag! I am more likely to use it for the library though considering its size. I am amazed how fast some sewing projects are compared to knitting of course!!! The technique I learned last night was how to finish a project using a french seam so basic but yet makes a huge difference in the finished product, very clean and neat.

My next project is going to be my apron this is a more complex pattern and will probably take a little more time and concentration...looking forward to it though!!! I am making this apron to wear while I completing my craft projects, like knitting, sewing and so on you know all those crafts that require you to carry tid bits of odds and ends that you always seem to misplace here there and everywhere. I am hoping that the creation of this apron will help solve my problem of misplacing my little tools, pockets...that's what I need big spacious pockets.

I only have one apron right now that that is the one that I use to cook with, it was my grandmother's, I love wearing it...it brings back the memories of when I was a little girl and I use to stand in the kitchen watching her cook over the stove. She made the most wonderful homemade dinners, and cookies too! I remember my brother and I were only allowed a certain few of her cookies but I would sneak into the kitchen and open up the cookie tin to scoop a few extra out, then move around the cookies to try and make it look like there were just as many there as before. Ha, Ha, I'm sure she was well aware that there were some missing, especially if my brother was doing the same thing! It's funny what you take for granted, my grandmother is in a nursing home now. I visit her every couple of days with my dad and my son, she is perfectly healthy mentally but physically suffers from arthritis. I mean she probably never imagined herself in the situation she is know living. I remember her wanting to show my how to knit but her hands could not do what she was wanting them to do...how frustrating must that be. I guess that's why we all need to live each day to the fullest, take pride and what we do and if we are having a bad day shrug it off, life is to important and to short to dwell on the little things. Savour every moment...we just don't know when that last moment may be.

February 2, 2010

Project Headband

Well I have finished my headband from my sewing lesson. This took me a little longer then I had anticipated since I had misplaced my presser foot and had a bit of trouble finding a new one that fit my machine.

This project was very simple and is custom fit to the shape of my head. The pattern was designed by me and was easy and fun to make. After figuring out my measurements it took no time at all to cut and prep the material. I had fun using my machine and the built in pattern buttons to add some decorative touches.

Tomorrow night I will be working on my reusable shopping bag, I have my bag material all cut out and ready to go it's just a matter of adding some funky details to it to make it a little more unique...I think I may be falling in love with sewing just as much as knitting, now it's just a matter of making everything fit in a 24hr span...hmmm does a person really need to sleep :)

February 1, 2010

Chain Maille Bracelet

As a member of the Simcoe County Arts and Crafts Association we have a meeting once a month to share a new craft that everybody can join in on. This month we decided to create a chain maille bracelet...and I fell in love. You can use any type of metal, this bracelet is made out of copper. It is very basic and straight forward even though it look complex.

Chain maille is a type of amour consisting of small metal rings linked together to form a pattern. The earliest form of mail dates back to a forth Century BC, it was used to make a different types of amour, now a days it is commonly used for jewellery. There a several different patterns you can use to form different types of jewellery, the possibilities are endless.

If anybody ever has to chance to give this a try it would be well worth it, I found it just like forming a puzzle by linking together the rings. It was very relaxing and enjoyable, there are many sources on line that you can find where there are patterns available and places to purchase the chain maille. Hope you enjoy my bracelet, I just love it!