January 11, 2010

Toronto with Love

Dad's warmer hat
New pattern

Pure Bliss

Rays of Sunlight

Sleepy time

Ontario Science Centre


Market Fresh


Little Piggies

Three little Monkeys

Some wonderful inspiration

T-Rex at ROM

Digging for bones

Lake Ontario Sunset

Hat for my mother

Mom's hat

Hats in the morning sun

A moment cherished


We're back!!! What a wonderful time we had...probably could have stayed longer! Kept super busy with knitting, playing, exploring and so much more. The weather got really cold so most of our exploring and creating occurred inside. Started off with a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum to see some amazing dinosaurs they had on display...really lets your imagination run wild! Then spent some time inside knitting and completing some more men's hats. In between that we spent time at the pool, reading lots and watching some good movies.

Later in the week we explored the Ontario Science Centre, what a great place for both adults and children , my little guy had a blast then when he fell asleep it was my time to educate myself on a few new things! Back in the flat I created another warmer hat for my dad, a slouch hat for my mother and a new pattern for myself...not 100% satisfied though. I think it's great to take some time to get away from everyday life, time to revive the creative juices and reveal some new ideas. But now it's back to reality of my everyday life...first things first...house cleaning, ugh. Oh well, it was good while it lasted, good to be back!

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