January 23, 2010

Spring Fashion Trends for 2010

I know, I know it is still technically winter...but hey it's never to early to start planning for the next season to come. The up and coming fashion trends for spring 2010 are, soft pastels (pinks and yellows) and soft earthy tones, whites everywhere, revealing sheers and the look of glam!

The basic white button up shirt with a pair of ripped or patched jeans are a must have, this can be finished off with a boyfriend blazer rolled up at the cuff. Think "relaxed" with ankle cropped pants and a basic t-shirt.

Military and tribal trends collide to become a fierce fashion trend, leather tunics, metal tunics...and much more! Sportswear also takes on a whole new level of cool, with tomboy chic. Say bye-bye to your basic block colours below the waist, patterned and printed pants have been seen all over the runway for sprint 2010.

Spring hair consists of, longed waved hair, long 1970's inspired hair, up-do hair twists and slicked hairstyles. Golden and peroxide blonde, red hair with bleached eyebrows are the 2010 hair trends (ummm, not for me :) and for your hair accessories feather headbands and bunny ears...yes I said bunny ears, not too sure of that trend...Easter inspired???

Well hopefully it won't be long before we can put our spring fashion foot forward, head outdoors with a soft breeze blowing the sun shinning and birds singing. Hope this gives you a heads up for the trends to come!

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