January 27, 2010

Sitting calm with yarn in hand,
concentrating every strand.
Peace and calm of inner self,
this is what I call my wealth.
Every loop is in and over,
crimson, indigo and clover.

Cotton, alpaca, and yes wool,
time is still and creation flows.
I've found myself, in my art,
I feel it in my soul and heart.

Here I quietly relax and sit,
till the end of time, I will always knit.
I'll knit away my woes and fears,
keep knitting till my whole mind clears.

I'll knit at home and in my bed,
I've knit until my fingers bled.
Expressing myself, with needles and wool,
showing you my inner soul.

I'm glad that you can come along,
together we can do no wrong.
Lets keep knitting young and old,
knitting needles we will hold.
Generations to come we'll share with all,
every skein, every ball.
Knitting will stand the test of time,
I hope you all enjoyed my rhyme.



  1. I love your poem. Everything rang true for me too!

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  3. Love the poem. Very creative. That sure is a beautiful view you get to look at while knitting. Very nice!